Bill Schaefer

Outstanding range and hallmark believability, along with unique voice characterizations based on real people, place me in a special voice-over artist category.

Not just an announcer going through the motions--I'm an experienced professional who truly cares about doing the job right. I believe the reward for a job well done, is a job well done. The work is never complete until everyone is totally happy with the result. I'm easy to work with, with no ego overriding the process.

Excellent creative writing and a sports background (professional play-by play) are a huge plus. Let me help galvanize your new project with versatility and energy.

Enjoy the voice demos--thanks for listening!


  "I had the pleasure of working with Bill Schaefer at my firm Bizlink, Inc. A consummate professional, Bill brought a sense of class to our group, as he wrote scripts and did voice over ads for our phone system and Internet site. Our clients were amazed at his ability to constantly deliver diverse voice messages in a totally believable and entertaining style."
Joe Pellegrino
Life & Leisure